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College Success: Annotating Articles

This guide is intended for all those studying CEP and related disciplines.

Annotating Articles

For this course, you must annotate an article about an issue facing college students. Below is a guide on how to effectively annotate an article. The previous page in this module went over APA citation style, which is required for the annotation for your assignment!

Creating an Annotation

An annotation is a brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph that goes beyond a mere summary of a source. The annotation identifies the accuracy, relevancy, and quality of a source, often as it pertains to your research topic or assignment. This worksheet will help you in building a source annotation.

The Citation

Always start your annotation with the full citation of the source. Consult your APA Citation Guide for help on building your citation.

The Annotation

Answering the following questions will help you to write an annotation for any given source. 

Now that you’ve answered the questions above, piece together your answers into a coherent and well-formed paragraph. Congratulations! You have just created an annotation!